Cafe Show China 2018

As one of the largest trade show specialized in cafe industry in China, Cafe Show China 2018 will take place on July 5-7, 2018 at China International Exhibition Center (CIEC), Beijing. It’s expected that Cafe Show China 2018 will gather 350 exhibitors and 70,000 visitors take part in the show.

Highlights of Cafe Show China:
– One of the largest show in China specialized in cafe industry
– Focusing on the most potential coffee market in the world, China and held at the supreme coffee consumption city in China, Beijing
– Business platform for food & beverage industry professionals around the world
– A place to share the information base on the new trend and culture of Chinese coffee industry

Cafe Show China 2018 – Exhibitor’s Profile:

Exhibits Category


Products: Beans, Brewed, Espresso, Instant, Original ingredients
Equipments: Espresso machine, Teapot, Press pot, Roaster, Grinder, Filter, Airtight container

Products: Fruit tea, Fermented tea, various teas from overseas
Equipments: Tea cup, Teapot, Tea maker

Fresh fruit juice, Smoothie, Bubble tea, Wine, Champagne, Soda

Croissant,Muffin, Cake, Donut, Bagel, Pie, Tart, Sandwich

Ice cream, Ice flakes, Yogurt, Chocolate, Pudding, Fruits, Snack items, Rice cake, Sugar Confectionery

Food Ingredient
Frozen dough, Chocolate, Cheese, Oil, Milk, Whipped cream, Ice cream, Powder, Syrup, Jam, Nuts, Dried fruits

Other Food
Pizza, Kebab, Pasta, Tortilla

Coffee shop, Ice cream shop, Tea cafe, Sandwich cafe, Bakery cafe, Dessert cafe, Organic cafe, Wine bar

Ice cream: Ice cream maker, Showcase (Freezer)
Equipment: Showcase, Convection over, Ice machine, Blender
Kitchen Electronics

Restaurant Interior Decoration
Chair, Table, Sofa, Lighting, Cups