Factory Audit in China – Tips and Tricks

Factory Audit in China

Before you decide to import latest products from China, it is essential to ensure the product quality. An ideal way to do this is to visit the factory and conduct China factory audit. You are perhaps contemplating to skip this trip because of additional expenses. However, you must value the importance of China factory tours […]

Wholesale LED Lights and Bulbs

Wholesale LED Bulbs

Industries are rapidly developing in this day and age and one of the most promising industries is wholesale LED Bulbs’ industry. These energy-efficient and durable lighting bulbs have totally changed the future of lighting. More and more people are turning towards them because they consume 75% less energy and are 25 times more durable than […]

Chinese Translation Service: Why does it worth?

Chinese Translation Service

Language barriers are shrinking by the day, especially with the influx of professional translation services. If you’re interacting with people across borders, it’s essential you can communicate effectively. China is commonly referred to as the business hub of the world, but navigating through a language with a different alphabet is no easy task. Fortunately, professional […]

China E-commerce Market Introduction

China Ecommerce Market

The e-commerce sector in China is a lot different than the West, with names like Alibaba, JD.com, and Suning.com sweeping away the Western giants Amazon and eBay. We take a look at some of the biggest services in the country, and what made them popular. Alibaba Alibaba is the main e-commerce giant in China, but […]

Canton Fair 2018 Guangzhou – The 123rd China Import and Export Fair 2018

Canton Fair 2018 Spring 123rd China Import Export Fair Guangzhou China

The Canton Fair is among top Chinese trade fairs, organized every year in the spring and autumn seasons. This has become a part of the country’s culture as the fair dates back to the spring of 1957 when it was first held in Guangzhou, China. Previously named The Chinese Export Commodities Fair, it was renamed […]