Medical mask and protective equipment

Protection against COVID-19 epidemic


Sourcing medical protective equipment to help the prevention and control of the current epidemic is our main target now. We are continuously delivering wide-range and high quality of medical protective equipment to our customers worldwide. Currently the highest demand is for medical masks (3 ply surgical mask, KN95 medical mask, FFP2 medical mask, N95 mask), medical gloves, medical goggles and protective clothing with CE or FDA certificates. We can send your products by the fastest delivery methods, such as DHL Express/Fedex and other express shipping carriers, as well, depending on your location.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any medical protective equipment and clothes.

These are the main products, which are required by most of our customers but we are ready to find you different type of products, as well:

Surgical mask (3 ply)

Product name: Surgerical mask, 3ply
Product color: blue
Product packaging: 50 pieces in a pack
Material: electrostatic polypropylene micro-fiber material
Number of layers: 3 layers
CE Certified

KN95 / FFP2 mask (5 layer)

Product name: KN95 mask (FFP2)
Product color: pure white
Product packaging: 2 in a pack, full English package
Material: meltblown fabric, non-woven fabric
Number of layers: 5 layers
CE Certified

Face mask with valve

KN95 mask (6 layer)

Product name: Face mask with valve, KN95
Product color: grey
Product packaging: 1 in a pack
Material: activated carbon layer, meltblown fabric, non-woven fabric
Number of layers: 6 layers
Complies with GB2626-2006 standard

Medical gloves

Medical goggles

Medical protective clothes