Wholesale LED Lights and Bulbs

Wholesale LED Bulbs

Industries are rapidly developing in this day and age and one of the most promising industries is wholesale LED Bulbs’ industry. These energy-efficient and durable lighting bulbs have totally changed the future of lighting. More and more people are turning towards them because they consume 75% less energy and are 25 times more durable than regular incandescent lights.

Due to the soaring demand of wholesale LED bulbs more and more suppliers are turning towards LED lighting manufacturers dominating the global market and trying to cash in the high demand. China has captured more than 30% of the global wholesale LED bulbs’ market; in fact, LED industry has become synonymous to China.

There is a misconception that non-Chinese wholesale LED bulbs are better and durable than the Chinese LED lighting. While factually China is behind several reputable global brands and providing them wholesale LED bulbs, LED lights, LED panel lights, LED tube, etc. Most of the giant LED brands are OEM made by Chinese manufacturers and supply 90% LED lights which have been manufactured in China. Chinese LED bulbs are much cheaper than those manufactured in US or Canada but are equivalent in quality and performance.

Types of LED Lightings

E24 LED bulb
E24 LED Bulb

Consumers today have become more selective in their choice and besides quality, they focus a lot on the variety and designing of the LED lights. Therefore to go with the modern-day lifestyle, a wide-range of wholesale LED bulbs is available in the market.

The LED lighting varieties offered by Chinese manufacturers and wholesalers are:

  • Landscape LED lights
  • Decorative LED lights
  • Home Decor LED lights
  • Cove Design LED lights
    SMD LED Lights
    SMD LED Lights
  • Holiday LED lighting
  • Outdoor LED lighting
  • Indoor LED lighting
  • LED spotlights
  • LED bulbs, tubes, strips and lamps
  • Portable LED lights
  • Professional LED lighting
  • LED lighting for business
  • LED ceiling fans
  • Accessories for LED lighting
  • SMD LED lights
  • SMD LED bulbs

Guideline to select a supplier for wholesale LED Bulbs’ business:

Buying wholesale LED bulbs from China is no easy task; although top-notch manufacturers produce high-quality LED lightings, but fraudsters are also among them, therefore, stay extra cautious while selecting LED bulb suppliers to do business with.

Following are some instructions you should consider while hopping on the bandwagon of wholesale LED bulbs’ business.

  • Always carry out an extensive research before taking a business-related decision. Check out which LED components are allowed by your country to be imported to avoid landing in legal trouble after finalizing a deal about wholesale LED bulbs.
  • Search online for the Chinese wholesalers for LED lightings. Because of the surplus wholesale LED bulbs’ manufacturers in the market, it’s not easy to find one which supply genuine, high-quality LED lightings.
  • If you are new in the business, or not sure about the manufacturer, it’s better to take help from a sourcing agent.
  • Try to attend trade fairs; they give you a chance to connect with genuine sellers and you can successfully avoid scammers then.
  • While placing an order with the manufacturer, be explicit in your demands; clearly mention the details like type, watts, voltage, temperature, color, LED chip, frequency, weight and warranty about the LED lightings you want.
  • Never buy in bulk at a time; always order samples first and evaluate their quality. Once satisfied, order as much as you want.
  • Never fall in the trap of “super-cheap wholesale LED bulbs” because they’ll definitely be of poor quality, as the product’s cost determines its quality. Always opt for above Mid-Level price range to ensure good-quality products.

With the substantial increase in the demand of wholesale LED bulbs, it’s high time for you to grasp the vast opportunities in China and gain an edge over your competitors.

Best Selling LED Lights

Here are some of the top selling LED lights, which are sold in huge volume globally:

Dimmable 15W E27 WiFi Smart Light Bulb LED Lamp App Operate Alexa Google Assistant Voice Control
Smart LED Light Bulb with Wifi Connection and Alexa Google Assistant Voice Control


Smart E27 RGB Bluetooth Speaker LED Bulb Light 12W Music Playing Dimmable Wireless Led Lamp
Smart E27 RGB Bluetooth Speaker LED Bulb 12W


LED Spotlight Bulb (GU10, MR16, E27, E14, B22)


Wholesale led strip lights TV Backlight RGB Kitchen Light Lamp 5V USB Port 1M 2M 3M 4M 5M 60LED M LED Under Cabinet Light Kitchen Closet Desktop Decor Lamp
LED Decor Strip Lights


Retro Edison Candle LED Bulb (E14)


LED Under Cabinet Light With Adhesive Sticker Wireless Wall Lamp Wardrobe Cupboard Drawer Closet Bedroom Kitchen Night Light
Wireless Lamp – Night Light for Wardrobe, Cupboard, Drawer, Closet, Bedroom, Kitchen


MR16 LED Spot Light (SMD 2835)


Wireless Bluetooth 4 Smart Bulb home Lighting lamp E27 Magic RGB W LED
Smart LED RGB Bulb

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